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We know that the word, "church," may not be a popular word these days. We also know that you may even consider church to be irrelevant, boring, hypocritical and even segregated. The truth is, we totally agree with you, but we can't condemn the church either.

Jesus loved his bride, the Church. The state of the Church is quite sad these days in most part of the world, especially in America. We desire to come back to the model of church that made a positive impact on society as in the days of Jesus. House Church Ministries is far from a perfect church. Our common ground is our weakness.

Yet, in spite of our weaknesses we've discovered the liberating favor of Jesus who says His grace is made perfect in our weakness. So what is HCM like? We're serious about embracing the reality of having a relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We long for reconciliation between God and mankind. We're also passionate about addressing local and global issues by loving and supporting those in need. We feel it is our responsibility to help lead a renewal of community transformation among the under resourced. Diversity is not just about being politically correct. To us it's about reflecting the very heart of God.

While you may not be ready to get involved right away, there are a variety of exciting possibilities here at House Church Ministries. Take an opportunity for you to meet people much like yourself. Our culture is not about strong-arming you into a connection with God, but about honest conversations concerning our relationship with God, our community with one another, and our responsibility to humbly serve the misfits of our world. 

House Church Ministries
1412 W. Central Ave., Spokane, WA 99205
PH: (509) 270-8252

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